Organic Network

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Uganda’s agricultural sector is contaminated with constant and increasing introduction of inorganic products in form of pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides and medicines to both crops and animals. This has reduced the country’s market share in the world market making Uganda’s agricultural output less competitive in the world market place because they are found intoxicated and not healthy for human consumption. This has been a challenge to many people who would like to export their produce to foreign markets and they end up trading their out put locally at very low prices compared to the one in the world markets. 

However SROP INTERNATIONAL fore saw the need to take Uganda back to the world markets by introducing a campaign of using organic products in both crops and animal farming. These products include organic fertilizers, pesticides,herbs and insecticides for all kinds of crops,animals and all diseases or infections that may be the cause of losses to farmers. In the project, SROP INTERNATIONAL advocates for the use of self-made organic products by farmers to reduce on their farming inputs costs so as to increase on their profits.

These are sensitization complains and training on how to make organic products and also how to apply or administer them. SROP INTERNATIONAL is organizing seminars across the country to ensure that at least there is a farmer in each sub-county of Uganda who can produce world market standard agricultural product.